This wide brown land….


Another beautiful sunrise as we embark on yet another week of above 30 degC temperatures.

I find the inland landscape quite depressing at this time of year. Everything is so burnt, dry and brown. We were talking at work this week that the first settlers must have journeyed inland during the winter and spring months, otherwise they would never have wanted to set up roots here.


On the plus side, we are seeing some spectacular sunrises.

sunrise 2


2 thoughts on “This wide brown land….

  1. Cherrie Zell

    Yeah, we were talking at work too, and my colleagues were more enamoured than I with the lush green dairy land down the coast.

    Granted, I find the golden yellow disheartening from a practical point of view – crops don’t grow etc. Yet, I find that the surface of the landscape, its obvious structure, the light and shade of the undulations much more interesting at the moment. It’s just not the same when it is carpeted in green and each seed head competes with another for maximum exposure to the sun, effectively flattening the perspective.

    You have captured the undulations beautifully in these images. Well, done.


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