Lorikeet sunrise


It is a bit of a cheat tagging this post with #Canberra, as half the images were taken at the South Coast, near Milton, over Easter. But the sunrise from Gungahlin in the north this morning was so lovely, it made me think of the beautiful lorikeets and flowers we saw while on our Easter break.

rainbow lorikeet rainbow lorikeets

These cheeky birds were daily visitors and we tried to feed them sunflower seeds – ooops, seems they prefer the banksia I have back in my garden in Canberra!


One of may favourite things is riding my bike in new suburbs – there are wonderful roads with clean, smooth surfaces and very little traffic. Gungahlin used to be like that, but now can be pretty busy early in the morning, particularly since the Gungahlin Drive Extension was finished. Still, it’s a good road surface. I took my photos this morning around Gungahlin and I just love this little piece of ‘public art’ on Gungahlin Drive. I’m not sure if it was done by locals or a council worker having a good day, but these really do look like Mario’s drain pipes. 1 up all!

mario drain

Gungahlin sunrise 2

Have a great weekend!




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