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Smoked salmon, sweet potato and cream cheese mafaldine pasta

salmon pasta with sweet potato

I am not a huge fan of cooking weeknight meals, so I tend to plan (and cook) for the week on the weekend – which kind-of makes weekends a bit tiring and weekday meals a bit predictable. However, sometimes I just don’t plan and as with all things born out of necessity, I came up with this recipe in a hurry. I had twenty minutes to make a meal and I had all these ingredients. Turned out to be a super tasty and healthy meal. The kids absolutely love it. You have no idea how long it took me to work out google image search what sort of pasta I used for this. Really mafaldine sounds terribly fancy, but it was what I had in the pantry and any pasta will do!  Continue reading


Snow eggs (œufs à la neige) – with raspberry mousse

snow eggs 3.3

Snow eggs are wonderful soft light meringues atop creamy vanilla custard and served with caramel. They are a perfect end to a big meal and are about the easiest dessert to make simply. But they also can be quite challenging to make fancy. In their simplest form, they are poached meringues on a bed of crème anglaise. I was enthralled by Peter Gilmore’s version, with about 73 elements and impossible-to-source ingredients and kitchen equipment. And then, œufs à la neige quickly became my-next-baking-nemesis.  Continue reading

Raisin Bread French Toast

raisin bread FT1I love Sunday breakfasts and there is nothing better than French toast made with raisin bread. It is a wonderful way to make this dish extra delicious and fruity. I use the really thick raisin bread – it goes all silky and creamy inside. The egg mixture doesn’t need much sugar, as the bread is sweet enough and you need to cook it gently to make sure the egg is cooked all the way through. I find a dollop of mascarpone cream compliments this sweet, fruity French toast perfectly.   Continue reading

Oreo macarons

oreo macaron 1

I spent a little while living in Houston, Texas in the US after I finished university in Australia. Being a relatively poor post-grad, I adopted the typical student-living-in-a-big-city lifestyle of the time, notably, I didn’t own a car. A few things struck me about the US and in particular, Texas, or more notably, Houston. Firstly, no one walked, bike riding was thrilling, in a dangerous sort-of way and I was regularly the only white person on the bus.  Continue reading

Amuse-bouche – goat’s cheese and pear on parmesan and walnut crisps with a port and balsamic reduction

parmesan pear 3

I love it when restaurants serve you amuse-bouche. It means ‘mouth pleaser’ in French, but really it is FREE FOOD! I love it because it’s the chef’s choice and I often take it to be something the chef might be experimenting with (or using to showcase their talents). I was planning a meal for friends and wanted to make a starter to go with the limoncello I made. I found these were too small for a starter, as they had too much going on to eat more than a couple. So they are my non-restaurant amuse-bouche.  Continue reading

Pop cakes

IMG_1212My son and I had enormous fun making pop cakes this weekend. I have eaten these before, but never made them and decorating and detail do not run in my family genes! All I can say is that basically pop cakes are a vehicle for chocolate – no wonder my son loves them so much. We had fun, we ate cake, we ate chocolate and we ate sprinkles. What more could you want on a Saturday afternoon with your kids?  Continue reading