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Catching a rainbow before the rain


While out on a ride this morning, I caught this rainbow from the Australian-American memorial looking over Parliament House….

…just before the sky turned dark and I was caught in the rain!


I was at the Australian-American memorial at Defence. We (very affectionately) call this imposing landmark ‘the chicken on a stick’.


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Baked pears with mascarpone

pear and mascarpone1

I confess I made this because I had leftover mascarpone cheese and a burning desire not to bin it. I scrounged about in my kitchen for something to use it with and I had NO intention of turning this into a blog post. However, when I tasted it, I just had to share. This is so delicious, so bloody fantastic, I can’t keep it to myself. A perfect autumn/winter comforter, or perfect any time!  Continue reading

Chocolate almond torte

choc torte

Have you ever had that sinking feeling moment when you realise you’ve left out an ingredient from a recipe? It’s usually after the cake etc has been in the oven for a few minutes and you start to clean up the counter and spy that ingredient you took out/bought for the recipe and don’t remember using. Yeah, that feeling. Then you go through the thought process…. faaarrkkk – can I fix this? Will it make a huge difference if I leave it? Will anyone notice? Continue reading


Spanakopita 3

There’s a lot to like about Spanakopita, or feta and spinach pie (or just feta pie as an easy sell for the kids). This delicious Greek pie combines fresh spinach, mixed with the salty tang of feta cheese and egg, flavoured with shallots and nutmeg and wrapped in crunchy light filo pastry. Continue reading

Raspberry and pomegranate dry, muddled with fizz


Think the end of the working week and a hot stinker day. Think of sitting on a chair on your deck and staring out into nothing, praising the weekend ahead. You could be resting a cold beer on your belly, or cracking a bottle of chardonnay, but by far far far and away better is to herald in the weekend with this glorious concoction.  Continue reading

Canberra misty morning and gratuitous flowers


Summers in Canberra can be unbearably hot. This week, we are about to get a taste of things to come with a predicted top temperature of 36 degrees C on Friday. Though I shouldn’t whinge, as the poor souls in Adelaide are getting it worse! One of the nice things about Canberra summers is that the mornings can be so cool and sweet.


Here’s a morning shot of the mist and sun from my morning run in north Canberra. See the teeny tiny Telstra tower?


Here’s also some gratuitous shots of flowers. Lovely stamen!

IMG_1492Bring on summer!


Cinnamon pull-apart bread

cinnamon pa 2

Spring has well and truly sprung here in Australia and it’s getting milder. I tend to associate yeast cinnamon buns more as a winter comfort food, but O M G, this bread cannot be saved just for winter. It’s too delicious. Perfect for my teenage son who doesn’t know where the knife drawer is. It is such a great morning or afternoon tea sweet bread that I can eat it all year round. I must admit I have only recently discovered pull-apart breads (where have you been all my life?) and recipes abound for them. I am still experimenting with the size and shape, so I had leftovers for some mini-mine breads – I just loved the extra crunch on the mini ones! As with most of my yeast doughs, I made the dough for this one using my bread machine, as I find the proving is much more reliable in a bread machine.  Continue reading