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Raisin Bread French Toast

raisin bread FT1I love Sunday breakfasts and there is nothing better than French toast made with raisin bread. It is a wonderful way to make this dish extra delicious and fruity. I use the really thick raisin bread – it goes all silky and creamy inside. The egg mixture doesn’t need much sugar, as the bread is sweet enough and you need to cook it gently to make sure the egg is cooked all the way through. I find a dollop of mascarpone cream compliments this sweet, fruity French toast perfectly.   Continue reading


French toast made super fantastic using a sandwich press

Sandwich press French toast

Sandwich press French toast

I like to ride my bike. A lot. I do it because it helps to balance my enjoyment of cakes and desserts. The bonus is I feel excellent and it frees my mind and lets me think. I’m totally addicted to it and if I miss a day, I feel edgy. If I miss two days, I start to feel depressed. I usually ride early in the morning, when it is cool and when there is not much traffic on the road.

The irony is that at 6 am I’m usually hungry and invariably spend a good part of my ride thinking about food, in particular what breakfast of 2000 calories I am going to eat as a reward for burning 1000 calories before breakfast. I’m slavishly addicted to French toast in its many forms and these usually top the list.

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