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Raspberry and pomegranate dry, muddled with fizz


Think the end of the working week and a hot stinker day. Think of sitting on a chair on your deck and staring out into nothing, praising the weekend ahead. You could be resting a cold beer on your belly, or cracking a bottle of chardonnay, but by far far far and away better is to herald in the weekend with this glorious concoction.  Continue reading


Limoncello – an exercise in superlative restraint

limoncello final

limoncello – summertime

Limoncello is an excellent summery drink and a breeze to make. I’m always inspired to make it towards the end of summer, then realise that it won’t be ready to drink for weeks. But patience is always rewarded with this divine liquor and really, it is a good pick-me-up all year round. Continue reading