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Catching a rainbow before the rain


While out on a ride this morning, I caught this rainbow from the Australian-American memorial looking over Parliament House….

…just before the sky turned dark and I was caught in the rain!


I was at the Australian-American memorial at Defence. We (very affectionately) call this imposing landmark ‘the chicken on a stick’.


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Scrivener Dam – Lake Burley Griffin

Lorikeet sunrise


It is a bit of a cheat tagging this post with #Canberra, as half the images were taken at the South Coast, near Milton, over Easter. But the sunrise from Gungahlin in the north this morning was so lovely, it made me think of the beautiful lorikeets and flowers we saw while on our Easter break.

rainbow lorikeet rainbow lorikeets

These cheeky birds were daily visitors and we tried to feed them sunflower seeds – ooops, seems they prefer the banksia I have back in my garden in Canberra!


One of may favourite things is riding my bike in new suburbs – there are wonderful roads with clean, smooth surfaces and very little traffic. Gungahlin used to be like that, but now can be pretty busy early in the morning, particularly since the Gungahlin Drive Extension was finished. Still, it’s a good road surface. I took my photos this morning around Gungahlin and I just love this little piece of ‘public art’ on Gungahlin Drive. I’m not sure if it was done by locals or a council worker having a good day, but these really do look like Mario’s drain pipes. 1 up all!

mario drain

Gungahlin sunrise 2

Have a great weekend!



Morning stillness over the Molonglo River

Coppins Crossing sunrise

Coppins Crossing sunrise

Sometimes things take you by surprise.

I was out riding early in the morning as the sun was rising on what was predicted to be another baking hot day. As I rode through Coppins Crossing, I was taken aback by the Molonglo River – so mysterious, still and misty.

I played with the original image (above) to try to make it look more mysterious and cool.

Molonglo River at Coppins Crossing, Canberra

Molonglo River at Coppins Crossing, Canberra

Molonglo River at Coppins Crossing

Molonglo River at Coppins Crossing

French toast made super fantastic using a sandwich press

Sandwich press French toast

Sandwich press French toast

I like to ride my bike. A lot. I do it because it helps to balance my enjoyment of cakes and desserts. The bonus is I feel excellent and it frees my mind and lets me think. I’m totally addicted to it and if I miss a day, I feel edgy. If I miss two days, I start to feel depressed. I usually ride early in the morning, when it is cool and when there is not much traffic on the road.

The irony is that at 6 am I’m usually hungry and invariably spend a good part of my ride thinking about food, in particular what breakfast of 2000 calories I am going to eat as a reward for burning 1000 calories before breakfast. I’m slavishly addicted to French toast in its many forms and these usually top the list.

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Red sky in the morning….. just beautiful

Mornings are the best time of the day. Apart from the quiet and calm, the world seems new, ready for a fresh start. I just love it. I have always been a morning person and I have seen my fair share of sunrises.

This morning’s was spectacular. There were clouds on the horizon and the first glow of the day started a deep purple, then shifted to stunning red before fading out into yellow (and behind the clouds).


Sunrise over Lake Burley Griffin

I used to gauge the weather by that expression: “Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning. Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight” – seems I grew up with mixed metaphors. Anyway, apparently red in the east in the morning is due to water/dust in the air and forecasting a storm that will come from the west (the weather always comes from west to east). The reverse is true in the evening: a red sunset means a storm is happening in the west – away from you.

There you go!

As I was by the lake, the morning sun looked so good on the Telstra Tower, I had to take a picture of that too. I confess, I digitally altered it a bit afterwards to bring out the red.


Sunrise towards Telstra Tower

Beautiful sunrise over Lake Burley Griffin from the Arboretum


This is the sunrise on the (hopefully) last day of the week-long heatwave over the lake in Canberra from the summit of the National Arboretum. It was quite spectacular and lasted only a minute.

On the other side was the full moon setting over Mount Stromlo.


Today is going to be another scorcher, with extra thunder thrown in this afternoon.

Happy days!