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Two Before Ten, anyone? Aranda shops – sneak peak

The Juggernaut van - complete with cute wooden spoons

The Juggernaut van – complete with cute wooden spoons

Who would’ve thought… it figures

That immortal line by Alanis Morisette says it all for me. I have been a regular drive-past at the Aranda shops for near on ten years now, as both my kids have gone through primary school there. Forlorn, abandoned, crappy. Overrun by the activity at the nearby Jamison shops, which was nearly overrun by Belconnen Westfield and has only recently risen from the ashes. Almost everyday for ten years now I wished they would just do something with those shops, anything, but leave that hideous eyesore with broken windows and boarded-up doors. But what would you know, the irony of it, in September last year, just as I was about to farewell my youngest in year 6 to the big world of high school, a wee little pop up of a cafe opens at the Aranda shops. Not just The Juggernaut – for that’s what it’s called – but the super duper promise of so much more….  Continue reading


Catching a rainbow before the rain


While out on a ride this morning, I caught this rainbow from the Australian-American memorial looking over Parliament House….

…just before the sky turned dark and I was caught in the rain!


I was at the Australian-American memorial at Defence. We (very affectionately) call this imposing landmark ‘the chicken on a stick’.


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Canberra misty morning and gratuitous flowers


Summers in Canberra can be unbearably hot. This week, we are about to get a taste of things to come with a predicted top temperature of 36 degrees C on Friday. Though I shouldn’t whinge, as the poor souls in Adelaide are getting it worse! One of the nice things about Canberra summers is that the mornings can be so cool and sweet.


Here’s a morning shot of the mist and sun from my morning run in north Canberra. See the teeny tiny Telstra tower?


Here’s also some gratuitous shots of flowers. Lovely stamen!

IMG_1492Bring on summer!


Malted banana split – Ricardo’s

Malted banana mousse 2

The latest from the wonderful world of Ricardo’s – malted milk mousse – banana marshmallow centre – malted peanuts – injected with a chocolate syringe

There’s one word for this: genius

malted banana mousse

Ricardo’s – malted banana mousse with chocolate injector!

malted banana mousse 3

Chocolate lava flow – post injection

malted banana mousse 4

A light malted banana mousse encapsulating a fluffy marshmallow centre on a light chocolate sponge

Perfect day – for a walk and churros


School starts again tomorrow (boo) and to see off the last day of holidays, with the sun shining, we couldn’t resist taking off for a walk around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin. The air was so clear and the water so still. OK, it was hardly 10°C, but it felt pretty nice outside.

IMG_2101 IMG_2104

Afterwards, we felt we deserved a nice treat, so we went to San Churro Chocolateria the shrine to Spanish chocolate.


It was pretty busy, but the service was nice and friendly. No surprise we ordered the specialty of the house – churros.

IMG_2108 IMG_2112

Lovely deep fried Spanish doughnuts dusted in icing sugar and cinnamon. We had ours served with white chocolate and dulce de leche.

As my son said: This place would be in heaven. I tend to agree!