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Lemon cream macarons


Ahh Spring! How I love your clear, cool mornings and longer days. Makes me think of Summer that is coming, holidays and being warm again. Summer to me means fresh, light food and lemons are a wonderful addition to brighten a dish and add pizzazz. I love the bright zesty look of these macarons and fresh lemon curd with lemon zest is a must. It almost makes these lemon macarons healthy…  Continue reading


Fruit tingle macarons with popping candy

fruit tingle macaron 1I was inspired to make these by a Canberra food blogger ‘Tales of a Confectionist’ after I saw her image of fairy bread macarons! So retro! My childhood memories were more of the explosive kind than fairies (my misspent youth growing up in the country). Besides, I had some popping candy I was keen to use. I recommend buying specialty coated popping candy for macaron fillings, as it lasts heaps longer and doesn’t need to be chocolate coated first. I often have macaron fail by adding toppings to macarons before I bake them – this way you make a sugar syrup and brush the 100s and 1000s on afterwards – why didn’t I think of this sooner? The innards are a buttercream filling with smashed fruit tingles and popping candy. Be warned – these are explosively sweet and tangy.  Continue reading

Oreo macarons

oreo macaron 1

I spent a little while living in Houston, Texas in the US after I finished university in Australia. Being a relatively poor post-grad, I adopted the typical student-living-in-a-big-city lifestyle of the time, notably, I didn’t own a car. A few things struck me about the US and in particular, Texas, or more notably, Houston. Firstly, no one walked, bike riding was thrilling, in a dangerous sort-of way and I was regularly the only white person on the bus.  Continue reading


jaffaron 2

It has been a while since I posted a macaron recipe. These jaffarons (or jaffas-macarons) are inspired by the wonderful Jaffas. I remember movie theatres with wooden stair aisles and the thrill (??) of someone rolling jaffas down the aisles during an intense scene in the movie (or during a particularly boring lecture at university!). That exhilarating plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk…. and everyone booing at the culprit who ruined the scene.

image sourced from the web

image sourced from the web

These macarons are an orange-coloured shell, topped with a bit of orange zest and filled with a chocolate-orange ganache. Typical jaffas have an orange-flavoured shell and are filled with soft chocolate (not orange flavoured chocolate), but its difficult to get a strong orange flavour in a macaron shell, so I improvised a bit. These macarons were not terribly photogenic, as the orange zest ‘melted’ the shell a bit, but oh my, they tasted a treat!

Continue reading

Passionfruit macarons


Passionfruit macaron – summer days

Passionfruit curd and white chocolate macarons (Italian style)

Adapted from Pierre Hermé’s macaron recipe, copied 1000 times in different web sites.

Summer has passed us by and as I look out on this crisp Autumn morning, I am starting to think about comfort food and warm baking. But before summer is a distant memory… passionfruit!

I just love passionfruit in dessert and these macarons are the best. I went with bright yellow shells to match the curd and contrast the dark passionfruit seeds in the curd, though I think these would also look good with the shells coloured purple (like a passionfruit).  Continue reading

Piña Colada macarons

pina colada_2

Pina colada macaron – a little piece of summer

Piña Colada macarons (Italian style)

These macarons have a light touch of coconut in the shells and the filling has sweet pineapple studded through it, with distinct coconut and rum flavours that are not too strong.

I rolled the finished macarons in shredded coconut to create a coconutty crunch and a wonderful summery treat.  Continue reading