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Cinnamon pull-apart bread

cinnamon pa 2

Spring has well and truly sprung here in Australia and it’s getting milder. I tend to associate yeast cinnamon buns more as a winter comfort food, but O M G, this bread cannot be saved just for winter. It’s too delicious. Perfect for my teenage son who doesn’t know where the knife drawer is. It is such a great morning or afternoon tea sweet bread that I can eat it all year round. I must admit I have only recently discovered pull-apart breads (where have you been all my life?) and recipes abound for them. I am still experimenting with the size and shape, so I had leftovers for some mini-mine breads – I just loved the extra crunch on the mini ones! As with most of my yeast doughs, I made the dough for this one using my bread machine, as I find the proving is much more reliable in a bread machine.  Continue reading


Orange and poppy seed friands

friands orange1

I just love citrusy cakes with poppy seeds. The finishing touch on these friands is a rich, decadent orange syrup that makes the friands super moist and tangy. Friands are also an excellent way to use up excess egg whites! I have never bothered to buy a friand tray, so mine never have that legitimate look, but for these, I recommend using sturdy cardboard baking cups, so the syrup doesn’t drain away.

Best shared with a cup of tea and good friends. Good friends will always let you know if your fly is unbuttoned. Good friends will also let you know if you have poppy seeds between your teeth after eating said friands. Continue reading

Lemon pull-apart bread

lemon pull apart 2

I have two boys that I love to bake for (OK, and me. I also love to bake for me, but someone has to help me eat the bounty of my efforts). One has a thing for everything super sweet, especially white chocolate and the other prefers more tart flavours. Hence, a lot of my recipes are either super sweet or something about lemons… This recipe is an absolute hit with the lemon son. It’s delicious warm and although it is best eaten on the day it is made, I’ve had no problems freezing it and serving it later after a quick blitz in the microwave.  Continue reading

Cinnabon – cinnamon rolls


When I went to the US of A to live after I finished university I gained weight. I was deeply homesick and I have Cinnabon to thank for giving me the best ever food hug and making me feel all comfortable and warm almost every single day….. When I returned to Australia, I thought I’d never eat a Cinnabon again and that made me sad. Then I found this recipe…. Continue reading

Carrot cupcakes with orange cream cheese icing

carrot cupcake 1

There are quite a few food marriages made in heaven: white chocolate and macadamia nuts (or caviar if you are Heston Blumenthal); dark chocolate and orange; eggs and bacon; asparagus and Hollandaise sauce; and salt and caramel. Way up in my top ten list is carrot cake and cream cheese icing. But sometimes three makes perfect and here, orange makes a wonderful triumvirate, going exceptionally well with carrot cake and cream cheese. Carrot cake recipes are everywhere and pretty much everyone who bakes has their own. So why would I suggest trying this recipe for carrot cake cupcakes? Simply because they are the softest, moistest and loveliest cupcakes you will ever taste.  Continue reading

Raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing

raspberry cupcakes 2

White chocolate and raspberry are a perfect combination. I made these when I had cream cheese to use up. I adore carrot cake with cream cheese icing but wanted to try something different. I remembered I had frozen raspberries (and I always have white chocolate!) so this was a bit of a no-brainer. I’m not a huge fan of squidgy fruit in cupcakes, so this is basically white chocolate chip cupcakes topped with raspberries, which sink slightly into the mixture during baking.  Continue reading

Mini triple-choc cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream icing


I am pretty sure my ten year old son will forgive me one day for serving these at his birthday party, but my inner girl came out and I had way too much fun decorating these with the buttercream icing, candy flowers and sugar sprinkles. Luckily the boys were too distracted with their Nintendo games to notice they were chomping down on pink flowers and sparkles.  Continue reading