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Nutella and blueberry chocolate mousse cake – with caviar fruit

blueberry cake slice

I am a huge fan of layered cakes. It is like having several cakes at once. But I won’t lie, making these is a big time commitment and it generates a lot of dishes. One day, if I ever decide to take my baking seriously, I will invest in some decent equipment to make these look nicer, but for home baking, a springform tin works fine, lined with baking paper up the edges to keep everything together. The fun part of thinking about recipes like this is the flavour combinations.

This one combines some of my favourite flavours in fruit and chocolate. It has a chocolate sponge base, that is topped with a crunchy hazelnut praline, with a layer of Nutella mousse (surprisingly light and balanced with mascarpone cheese), topped with a layer of blueberry and white chocolate mousse, which is all finally topped with some white chocolate cream. I have previously made a layered white chocolate and raspberry cake with fresh fruit, so this time I stepped it up a level to use fruit caviar, which gives the fruit punch, with a really consistent and defined shape and an even texture. The fruit caviar is folded through the blueberry white chocolate mousse and dotted over the top of the finished cake.

I’ll help with the maths here. You need nearly 600 ml cream for this! Eeep!  Continue reading


Pork and apple sausage rolls


Sausage rolls are an absolute favourite of ours. And these pork and apple ones are the best. I have really lovely memories of buying these as a treat for my eldest son and I when we lived in York in the UK when he was a wee toddler. The place I rented was right next to the York railway station and we just loved the train sounds. My son was a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine; we had all the videos (yes, you heard me right…) and I loved listening to Ringo read the stories to the model trains jiggling about on their sets. I have Thomas to thank for teaching my son his colours, his numbers and the joy of reading. Every Saturday, we would go for a walk to the station, and he’d get his jollies looking at all the trains (I’m so cheap). Sometimes, I would lash out and take him to the National Railway Museum, where you can see the replica of Stephenson’s Rocket. I was always way more impressed with the Chinese Engine at the museum. If you have never been there and you are visiting York, You Must Go! Now my eldest is 16 and he still loves pork and apple sausage rolls and will never admit to liking trains. Making sausage rolls from scratch sounds a bit tedious, but it’s not at all. I love how you can change things around, play with the flavours. Sometimes I make these with pork, pear and blue cheese, sometimes chicken mince and sage… I tend to avoid lean mince for sausage rolls, as they tend to be drier. Higher fat content = juicier sausage rolls. Here comes the recipe….  Continue reading