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Lemon pull-apart bread

lemon pull apart 2

I have two boys that I love to bake for (OK, and me. I also love to bake for me, but someone has to help me eat the bounty of my efforts). One has a thing for everything super sweet, especially white chocolate and the other prefers more tart flavours. Hence, a lot of my recipes are either super sweet or something about lemons… This recipe is an absolute hit with the lemon son. It’s delicious warm and although it is best eaten on the day it is made, I’ve had no problems freezing it and serving it later after a quick blitz in the microwave.  Continue reading


Red quinoa and walnut bread

IMG_1303 IMG_1304

I’ve recently discovered quinoa and even more recently discovered red quinoa. I’m sure everyone has heard of the health benefits of quinoa TO DEATH, but it’s also quite yummy. I love its slightly nutty flavour and it makes my boring lunch salad more interesting. It’s also very nutritious and high in fibre. On a sadder note, I have read that its rising popularity has increased its value as a crop so much that it is now no longer affordable as a staple to those who grow it and most rely on it for their nutrition. I hope that the crop can expand in a sustainable and ethical way so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from it.

Quinoa is quite expensive, but a little goes a long way and this wonderful bread is a great way to enjoy it (OK, maybe not for the gluten intolerant!). I love the addition of walnuts and honey and the mustard gives it a slightly complex edge. This bread is a meal in itself, but works wonderfully with poached eggs for breakfast and even with just jam. I use a breadmaker to mix and prove the dough, because I’m crap at kneading bread.

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