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Lemon pull-apart bread

lemon pull apart 2

I have two boys that I love to bake for (OK, and me. I also love to bake for me, but someone has to help me eat the bounty of my efforts). One has a thing for everything super sweet, especially white chocolate and the other prefers more tart flavours. Hence, a lot of my recipes are either super sweet or something about lemons… This recipe is an absolute hit with the lemon son. It’s delicious warm and although it is best eaten on the day it is made, I’ve had no problems freezing it and serving it later after a quick blitz in the microwave.  Continue reading


Smoked salmon, sweet potato and cream cheese mafaldine pasta

salmon pasta with sweet potato

I am not a huge fan of cooking weeknight meals, so I tend to plan (and cook) for the week on the weekend – which kind-of makes weekends a bit tiring and weekday meals a bit predictable. However, sometimes I just don’t plan and as with all things born out of necessity, I came up with this recipe in a hurry. I had twenty minutes to make a meal and I had all these ingredients. Turned out to be a super tasty and healthy meal. The kids absolutely love it. You have no idea how long it took me to work out google image search what sort of pasta I used for this. Really mafaldine sounds terribly fancy, but it was what I had in the pantry and any pasta will do!  Continue reading

Raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing

raspberry cupcakes 2

White chocolate and raspberry are a perfect combination. I made these when I had cream cheese to use up. I adore carrot cake with cream cheese icing but wanted to try something different. I remembered I had frozen raspberries (and I always have white chocolate!) so this was a bit of a no-brainer. I’m not a huge fan of squidgy fruit in cupcakes, so this is basically white chocolate chip cupcakes topped with raspberries, which sink slightly into the mixture during baking.  Continue reading