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Pork and apple sausage rolls


Sausage rolls are an absolute favourite of ours. And these pork and apple ones are the best. I have really lovely memories of buying these as a treat for my eldest son and I when we lived in York in the UK when he was a wee toddler. The place I rented was right next to the York railway station and we just loved the train sounds. My son was a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine; we had all the videos (yes, you heard me right…) and I loved listening to Ringo read the stories to the model trains jiggling about on their sets. I have Thomas to thank for teaching my son his colours, his numbers and the joy of reading. Every Saturday, we would go for a walk to the station, and he’d get his jollies looking at all the trains (I’m so cheap). Sometimes, I would lash out and take him to the National Railway Museum, where you can see the replica of Stephenson’s Rocket. I was always way more impressed with the Chinese Engine at the museum. If you have never been there and you are visiting York, You Must Go! Now my eldest is 16 and he still loves pork and apple sausage rolls and will never admit to liking trains. Making sausage rolls from scratch sounds a bit tedious, but it’s not at all. I love how you can change things around, play with the flavours. Sometimes I make these with pork, pear and blue cheese, sometimes chicken mince and sage… I tend to avoid lean mince for sausage rolls, as they tend to be drier. Higher fat content = juicier sausage rolls. Here comes the recipe….  Continue reading



Spanakopita 3

There’s a lot to like about Spanakopita, or feta and spinach pie (or just feta pie as an easy sell for the kids). This delicious Greek pie combines fresh spinach, mixed with the salty tang of feta cheese and egg, flavoured with shallots and nutmeg and wrapped in crunchy light filo pastry. Continue reading

Perfect day – for a walk and churros


School starts again tomorrow (boo) and to see off the last day of holidays, with the sun shining, we couldn’t resist taking off for a walk around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin. The air was so clear and the water so still. OK, it was hardly 10°C, but it felt pretty nice outside.

IMG_2101 IMG_2104

Afterwards, we felt we deserved a nice treat, so we went to San Churro Chocolateria the shrine to Spanish chocolate.


It was pretty busy, but the service was nice and friendly. No surprise we ordered the specialty of the house – churros.

IMG_2108 IMG_2112

Lovely deep fried Spanish doughnuts dusted in icing sugar and cinnamon. We had ours served with white chocolate and dulce de leche.

As my son said: This place would be in heaven. I tend to agree!

Baked chicken enchiladas with Ancho chilli sauce

chicken enchilladas serve

Ancho chillies are a favourite of mine. They are quite mild, but have a distinct warm heat combined with a fruity and earthy flavour. I use them to make chocolate mole chicken. They can be a little difficult to come by in Australia. I usually find them at specialty delis or food shops (like Essential Ingredient). I use them here to take chicken enchiladas to a new level. You could easily omit them and use capsicum or another chilli variety. I like making my enchiladas with small corn tortillas – I like the texture and flavour combination better than wheat flour tortillas. That said, corn tortillas can be more flakey and buggers to roll.  Continue reading


won ton soup

Wonton is a delicious light meal for any time of the year. Soft flavoursome parcels of prawn and pork in a light chicken broth! What’s not to love about that? I have to admit, I was (and am still not) confident to share my wonton with anyone with a family history of eating wonton. It seems that every family has their own recipe and insist that anything else is just not the real deal. I’m happy to admit that I am not a connoisseur of wonton, but I know what I like. And I really like these!

Making wonton from scratch is a little time consuming, there’s the soup stock and then there’s folding all those little parcels (and I would definitely recommend using store-bought wrappers!). You could also easily use a store-bought chicken stock, but this is easy to make and makes a lovely, clear, fresh soup for the wontons. As for all that folding – I find it quite relaxing and if you can enlist a bit of help from the kids, then it can be quite fun.  Continue reading

Roasted pulled pork


There’s nothing like the smell of roasting pork. Add a heap of spicy flavours like paprika and fennel seeds and it takes you away to another place. With winter banging on our doors, the need for easy, slow cooking comfort food is high. I love how this meal fills the house with a warm spicy aroma.

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