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Lemon curd blueberry pancake stack with salted caramel sauce

In recognition of ‘International Pancake Day’ – or Shrove Tuesday

lemon curd pancake stack

When I was younger and growing up in country Victoria, the biggest thrill of going into the nearest provincial city was eating out. We ate McDonalds once a year (if we were lucky) and at other times, for a posh outing, were allowed to go to the Pancake Parlour. Yes, even then I thought it was a bit kooky, but I just couldn’t get over how delicious pancakes could be.

Now the point of this recipe is show. And why not? After all Shrove Tuesday, or International Pancake Day (for us gluttons) only happens once a year. This is hardly a recipe, more an assembly job. Inspired by the wonderful stacks of pancakes that make eating pancakes such a special thing.  Continue reading


Lemon cream macarons


Ahh Spring! How I love your clear, cool mornings and longer days. Makes me think of Summer that is coming, holidays and being warm again. Summer to me means fresh, light food and lemons are a wonderful addition to brighten a dish and add pizzazz. I love the bright zesty look of these macarons and fresh lemon curd with lemon zest is a must. It almost makes these lemon macarons healthy…  Continue reading

Lemon curd tart

lemon curd tart 1

Lemon curd is so versatile and easy to make if you have lemons to get rid of. It keeps in the fridge for weeks and you can freeze it. This recipe has everything made from scratch – hence the lengthy preparation time and complexity. But there’s nothing stopping anyone getting some store bought lemon curd and frozen shortcrust pastry to whip up this lovely little dessert in no time and with little effort. That said, nothing beats home made curd and pastry.  Continue reading