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Cheesecake grapes on salted caramel sand – adventures in molecular gastronomy continued


Cheesecake grapes

My youngest son and I love Ricardo’s café, especially their beautiful cheesecake spheres. One day, as he poked about in his apple cheesecake, admiring the apple caviar and white chocolate and gel coated sphere, he wondered if Ricardo’s could make cheesecake that looked like a bunch of grapes… (and bless him, he suggested it to one of the staff, then for the next few weeks, wandered in regularly to stare hopefully at the display to see if his suggestion had been created yet).

Ricardo's apple cheesecake

Ricardo’s apple cheesecake

This made me think, could I make something like that? Continue reading


Malted banana split – Ricardo’s

Malted banana mousse 2

The latest from the wonderful world of Ricardo’s – malted milk mousse – banana marshmallow centre – malted peanuts – injected with a chocolate syringe

There’s one word for this: genius

malted banana mousse

Ricardo’s – malted banana mousse with chocolate injector!

malted banana mousse 3

Chocolate lava flow – post injection

malted banana mousse 4

A light malted banana mousse encapsulating a fluffy marshmallow centre on a light chocolate sponge

Ricardo’s – heaven of the north

Something this good looking cannot be bad for you

Something this good looking cannot be bad for you

Do you ever make an excuse to visit a particular suburb or set of shops so you can actually do something else that you’d much rather do, but you know it would appear excessively indulgent to be making a trip just to visit that place?  Continue reading