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Strawberry and white chocolate mousse

strawberry mousse 1

This is one of those great desserts that can be made ahead and made in a hurry. It’s egg free and can be served after an hour or so in the fridge, but will firm up over night and still produce a light and fluffy mousse.

Sometimes I will make a simple crumb base to add a bit of extra texture (blitz some plain biscuits with a little melted butter and spoon into the bottom of each serving bowl before adding the mousse on top), but this is entirely optional!

For these ones, I sprinkled some grated chocolate on the top for a bit of colour.

I updated my little banner this morning – realised it was still in its ‘summer’ mode even though today is the first of August, zero degrees C outside and rain forecast! Yes, it has been THAT long since I posted a recipe. But here we go, something to lift the soul and sweeten the heart.  Continue reading


Strawberry curd

strawberry curd 2

I try whenever I can to go to the farmers’ market to buy my fresh produce. There’s something to be said about eating seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. I could rant a bit about how modern farming and storage practices means fresh food just doesn’t taste as good as when I was a child, but I won’t. Of course, good locally-grown produce is something to be cherished and when fresh food is in season, it can be bountiful and ridiculously cheap. And so I found myself with punnets of strawberries at prices too good to pass by.

I never thought of making a curd from strawberries.  Continue reading

Triple layer ice cream cake


My son requested an ice cream cake for his 11th birthday. My mind immediately ran to all things exotic and fancy. But he just wanted three layers of coloured ice cream with sprinkles on top. So, we compromised. This cake was so easy to make – it took a bit of time and planning, but we had wonderful fun developing the recipe and deciding what extras would go in each of the layers. We landed on chocolate bottom, strawberry middle and vanilla top with white chocolate shards to decorate the sides and milk chocolate on the top. Of course you can make your own ice cream, but with all the palava of a kid’s birthday party, I didn’t need the stress of making my own. So, I used store-bought Neapolitan ice cream.  Continue reading